5C Humans 2020

by zoson on 06 January 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Aether Vial4x Aether VialArtifact$199.96$238.32$511.84
Noble Hierarch4x Noble HierarchCreature — Human Druid$67.92$91.96$315.60
Mantis Rider4x Mantis RiderCreature — Human Monk$1.80$5.00$20.00
Kitesail Freebooter3x Kitesail FreebooterCreature — Human Pirate$0.30$1.20$7.50
Champion of the Parish4x Champion of the ParishCreature — Human Soldier$2.72$8.12$31.96
Thalia's Lieutenant4x Thalia's LieutenantCreature — Human Soldier$1.12$4.72$27.96
Meddling Mage4x Meddling MageCreature — Human Wizard$7.36$15.56$99.96
Reflector Mage3x Reflector MageCreature — Human Wizard$0.87$3.00$29.97
Phantasmal Image4x Phantasmal ImageCreature — Illusion$43.80$63.88$96.16
Unsettled Mariner1x Unsettled MarinerCreature — Shapeshifter$1.25$3.08$20.00
Deputy of Detention1x Deputy of DetentionCreature — Vedalken Wizard$0.43$1.19$7.99
General Kudro of Drannith2x General Kudro of DrannithLegendary Creature — Human Soldier$2.00$5.94$29.98
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben3x Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenLegendary Creature — Human Soldier$26.91$33.00$65.07
Island1x IslandBasic Land — Island$0.00$0.00$0.00
Plains1x PlainsBasic Land — Plains$0.00$0.00$0.00
Ancient Ziggurat4x Ancient ZigguratLand$15.20$25.12$79.96
Cavern of Souls4x Cavern of SoulsLand$320.00$359.88$699.72
Horizon Canopy4x Horizon CanopyLand$120.00$159.96$359.96
Unclaimed Territory4x Unclaimed TerritoryLand$3.96$9.32$3,999.96
Waterlogged Grove1x Waterlogged GroveLand$7.00$9.50$29.99