I'm back in the game

by Cithiri on 18 January 2018

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Deck Description

Most of my close friends that were into Magic the Gathering quit the game several years ago, and that made me very sad, as I vastly enjoyed playing games together with them and have very fond memories of the time that we spent dueling. However, once all of them left the game I simply had no one to play against and all of my decks have been sitting on my shelf unused. I'd occasionally check the latest expansions to see what new cards were coming, but wouldn't buy any of them because I had been unable to play. However, I just ran into a couple people at my local Games Workshop while doing another hobby of mine, Warhammer 40k, and it turns out that they play commander format a lot. While I had never played commander before, I had always been interested in the format and I was so eager to get back into Magic that I jumped at the opportunity to join them. This is the first commander deck that I've actually purchased and I'm currently waiting on a few of the cards to be delivered, but come February, I'll have finally started to get back into the game that I love.

How to Play

Fairly flexible and has responses to a lot of different things, can play defensively as a pillow fort or agressively with heroic/infect beatsticks getting massively buffed just fine depending on the draw. Main goal is to get as many enchantments onto the field to empower small beatsticks, use sram and mesa to draw out more enchantments, and then dump enchantments into the graveyard by using mirror mad phantasm and traumatize on myself. Once bruna is out, she can take advantage of any/all of these and do massive ammounts of horrifying things with all the new toys that she gets. And once she's out on the field, mortal obstinancy becomes a permanent bouncing enchantment destroyer, and ephara's enlightenment will fly on and off the field, throwing +1/+1 counters everywhere it goes.

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  • EDH
  • Aura
  • Self Mill

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Deck discussion for I'm back in the game

Bruna as an Aura commander gets very nasty in late game specially if you give her haste. I would play small creatures with heroic abilities and protection and counterspells and pump then with offensive and evasive Auras, I would focus my strategy with her as a general only on that. If these creatures get whacked, Bruna would be a win condition in late game.

Posted 26 January 2018 at 05:09