[EDH] UAV online

by FaustianTruth on 26 March 2019

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Deck Description

Launch a UAV at the opponent.

Launch it early and often.

Hit fast. Hit hard. Make em cry.

How to Play

Pretty simple voltron.
1 drop hope of ghirapur
Ramp it up and hit for commander damage. Blood forged battleaxe and hammer of nazahn make things big fast.

Several good combos bumping around too
•Thespians stage + Dark depths
•Null Rod + Mycosynth lattice
•Myco lattice + ds plating or ds forge, then nevinyrral's disk for biased board wipe.
•Rings of brighthearth + voltaic key + basalt monolith for infinite mana and artifact untap.
--combo above--

+Oracle vault to play as much as I want
+nevinyrral's disk for infinite boardwipes
+Magistrates scepter for infinite turns
+Lux cannon for infinite spot removal
+walking ballista for infinite +1/+1s and damage
+brass squire for infinite equips.

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  • Colorless
  • EDH
  • Commander
  • Flying
  • Equipment

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Deck discussion for [EDH] UAV online

Arcum Dagsson really is just better but I love the deck.

Posted 23 April 2019 at 04:26


Thanks. I'm doing the 32 deck challenge, 1 deck for each color profile. This had to be colorless for that.

Posted 27 April 2019 at 08:32


Also I am kinda triggered. Titans presence is a terrible card in this deck because you only run 17 creatures, 2 creature with 0 power, 5 creatures with 1 power, 4 creatures with 2 power, 3 creatures with 3 power, and 1 creature each with 4 power 5 power and 10 power... Please change thank you.

Posted 27 April 2019 at 16:25


suggestion for a colorless removal then?

Posted 29 April 2019 at 19:04


Warping Wall

Posted 30 April 2019 at 07:16