Elemental Shift

by Germynator on 11 July 2019

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Deck Description

Currently Brewing on an Scapeshift - Elemental Deck.
I noticed Elementals do care about lands: Omnath has landfall. Cavalier of Thorns and Risen Reef bring lands.
Yarok, the Desecrated is insane with Risen Reef and also good with Omnath.

Healer of the Glade for early blockers, lets see if he is needed.
25 lands are widely spread to fuel Field of the Dead.

How to Play

1 Healer of the Glade
2 Leafkin Druid
3 Risen Reef
4 Omnath
5 Yarok
6 Muldrotha
best elemental curve imaginable

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  • Standard
  • Elemental
  • scapeshift
  • Risen Reef

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