RUG World of 2 Reflections EDH

by koolkai993 on 31 October 2016

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Deck Description

This deck was formed with the intention of casting Warp World as many times as possible.

This was important to me because Warp World was my first Standard deck that I played at an FNM back in the day.

I stopped playing Magic for awhile during the Return to Ravnica era, but I decided to get back into it with cube and EDH play this year.

I have been having a lot of fun with my Medomai the Ageless deck, and I always tell my friends they should build their decks based around what they really enjoyed about the game throughout their mtg experience. I liked the idea of timewalk abilities when I played Time Warp Ramp Eldrazi a few years back. So I built an EDH version and I have been having a blast controlling time in the game.

Now I decided to put this together because Warp World is probably my favorite card, other than shelodred, and I have been trying to build a deck where it works for a little over a month now. My last version was NAYA using Marath, and while that version was fun, it was inconsistant.

The cards I cut are currently in the sideboard.

How to Play

Your early game consists of ramping and drawing until you can do what you want. Remeber, for extra costs like Tormenting Voice; you only have to pay the additipnal cost once if you copy it with Riku, and if you Echo Mulldrifter and copy it the copy does not die.

Infinite Squirrels: Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest

Infinite Warps: A big enough field + Warp World (until you have everything and they have nothing, be weary of cards that will force you to end your turn, while you will likely win, they can have you deck yourself if you are not careful.)

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