[EDH] Sydri Vehicles

by markxero on 22 September 2020

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Deck Description

Sydri is a great Commander for turning your vehicles into creatures for just U each.

How to Play

Play vehicles and either crew them with the cheap pilots (Lupine Prototype, Vantress Gargoyle, Relic Golem, Kefnet) or turn them into creatures with Sydri, the Karns, or the Peacewalker.

It also turned out the deck was pretty wrath-proof, so that's played up more with lots of part-time creatures in the manlands, keyrunes and monuments who can be turned into crew, and a bunch of four mana wraths to clear your opponents' boards. Clear the board, man up a land and crew a stompy vehicle or two into their open face :D

(Incidentally, Parhelion II is a beast in this deck as an 8/8 instead of a 5/5, swinging in for 16. Can't be bad. And Fabricate is almost always to find Darksteel Forge.)

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