[EDH] Vish Kal Vampire Tribal

by markxero on 07 March 2018

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Deck Description

Got to love a bit of vampire tribal. I tried Vona and Elenda as new commanders, but Vish Kal is still the best. Trying to keep it Orzhov, so not going the Edgar route.

How to Play

There are quick win options in the deck (Sorin Markov followed by a beefy Death Grasp; kicked Blood Tribute with Defiant Bloodlord; the obligatory Exquisite Blood / Sanguine Bond combo), but it's just as much fun to get as many vamps out as you can, or go for something a little trickier (Vish Kal with Blade of the Bloodchief; Bontu's Monument, Oathsworn Vampire and a powered up Black Market). There are other options for the deck to get some infinite going (add Pitiless Plunderer to the Monument, Oathsworn pairing, or the inevitable Mikaeus the Unhallowed) but I wanted to keep it purely vampires. Anowon prefers it that way...

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  • Vampire
  • Orzhov
  • Commander
  • Vish Kal

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