by Psychrosis on 04 January 2020

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Deck discussion for Jund

I've been mulling this one over for a while, and I like canyon slough and sheltered thicket in a build like this over 3 copies of raging ravine. Ravine is an excellent endgame clock, but it's no good until you have many lands available, and fetching it with Wrenn takes 2 turns to be effective. The cycle lands are fetchable and produce material the same turn, and aren't bad top decks if you need tempo, whereas Ravine is a bad topdeck when thinking about tempo.

Just my current theory. Thoughts?

Posted 05 January 2020 at 23:39


You make a good point about the fetchable cycle lands. I may try experimenting with both and see which one works out for me. I am still putting this deck together so it may be awhile.

Posted 06 January 2020 at 01:10