Windgrace’s Concession Stand

by SaltLordWindgrace on 12 March 2020

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Deck Description

Basic Lord Windgrace deck. Wins by attacking with tokens from Avenger of Zendikar and/or Titania, or with one of two combos. Obliterate & Jokulhaups are mainly used to seal the win within 6 turns (more if an opponent has gained a ton of life).

The combos are:
Gitrog Monster+Skirge Familiar+Dakmor Salvage+Torment of Hailfire

World Shaper and Cavalier of Flame+Obliterate/Jokulhaups
Underrealm Lich+Sylvan Library
Thespian’s Stage+Dark Depths
Mina and Denn’s land bounce ability+Lord Windgrace

Deck Tags

  • Jund
  • Land Destruction
  • EDH
  • Commander

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
  • Not Legal in Legacy

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