Kira, Protector of the Sea

by Mitochondriagon on 09 February 2019

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  • Commander
  • Mono Blue
  • Protection

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Deck discussion for Kira, Protector of the Sea

You only have 1 cephalid (2 if galina was errated, which I'd assume so but idk) and only 1 merfolk. Aboshan and Seahunter essentially become 1 trick ponies. I would keep them both in cause they're pretty swanky once going, but replace some of the other creatures with more cephalids and merfolk to make these specific cards more useful.

Posted 11 February 2019 at 12:57


All the times I've used this deck I never get either but Aboshan + Archetype is funny as hell. Yeah Seahunter is especially just for the unblockable Merfolk but Xenograft and Arcane Adaptation can always help with that as well :)

Posted 11 February 2019 at 19:42