Carth GB Superfriends

by SaltLordWindgrace on 10 June 2021

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Deck Description

Carth the Lion
Legendary Creature-Human Warrior
Whenever Carth the Lion enters the battlefield or a
planeswalker you control dies, look at the top seven
cards of your library. You may reveal a planeswalker
card from among them and put it into your hand. Put
the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
Planeswalkers’ loyalty abilities you activate cost an
additional {+1} to activate.

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  • Golgari
  • Planeswalker

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Not Legal in Vintage
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Deck discussion for Carth GB Superfriends

Love the deck idea! I've been dying to see how Carth works!

Posted Friday at 13:17